Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome to the class blog

This blog is intended to give us a place to share information, pass along links to cool websites, and most importantly, for all of you to ask (and answer) questions about building websites.

  • If you have a technical question (about HTML, or CSS, or how to do something in Dreamweaver), then post your question to the blog.  The other students can give you help, or tips to solve your problem.
  • If you find a cool website - with fun content, or great tutorials, or fantastic design - post a link so we can all check it out!
  • If you solved a problem or came up with a unique approach to a homework assignment, then post it so other students can learn from you.

Each student is responsible for checking the blog several times a week, and posting something (an answer, a new post, some kind of useful contribution).  If you can help a student with a question, post a comment to their post with your suggestions.  Extra credit will go to students who post useful suggestions, tips and solutions to other students' questions.

This is your community!  Make it fun, make it useful, and make it work!  :)

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  1. Hello, Attached is a link to a usefull tutorial it is very similar to cs4 on creating a web site;


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