Friday, October 9, 2009

Coincidence? Resizing images at work today--scary

Today I went into work and the job they gave me is resizing images for the web. They are huge 600 mb images, and I have to make them 72 dpi and also, a decent file size, like in K instead of in MB. But everyone here is too busy to help me, and even though we learned that images should be 100K, I am afraid to shrink them to less than what they automatically go to when I save as a jpg, which is about 200-300K. And I see in the Actions panel here, that the previous Photoshopper used Unsharp Mask on the images. Anyway, trial by fire...


  1. Crank the image down to 100k, and compare it to the 200-300k image. If it doesn't look tons worse, go with the 100k! Let your eyes tell you what it needs to be, not the previously used settings. (Don't assume that the person previously using that computer/photoshop knows what they are doing.)


  2. so i presented the above info you gave, and, it turns out, they tell me, they don't want to optimize at all, lest they lose one single pixel of information. this place is all about making images look amazing, so they don't care if the photos take a long time to load.


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